Amazing Fuel Economy From Our Hybrid Vehicles

Huge fuel savings made as customers make the switch to Hybrid.
Time to switch to Hybrid .. a customer who averaged 6.1l/100km (46mpg) in their 17 Avensis 2.0 Diesel recently switched to a Corolla Hybrid Saloon and is now achieving fuel consumption of 3.8l/100 km (74mpg)

This is just one of many customers who are achieving this kind of Fuel economy, what are you waiting for??


If you want better fuel economy and a quieter, cleaner drive make the switch to Hybrid today!

2017 Avensis

2017 Diesel Avensis 46MPG

2017 Avensis

2019 Corolla Hybrid

2019 Corolla Hybrid Saloon 74MPG

2019 Corolla Hybrid
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