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Toyota Parking Aid

A great help in avoiding the bumps

Toyota's parking sensors is a great help in avoiding the bumps and scrapes of city parking or when parking near to lower objects.

You have a choice of the TPA 400 system with four rear sensors or the TPA 800 with four rear and four front sensors. When either system is engaged, the sensors link to an interior warning that becomes progressively louder the closer your vehicle gets to an obstacle.

To find out more about Toyota parking sensors, contact your authorised Toyota Dealer/Repairer.

The sensors integrate perfectly into the bumper contours and can be painted to match your car's body colour.

Toyota Parking Sensors System - TPA 400

TPA 400 includes sensors in the rear bumper to help drivers park quickly and easily, getting them closer to their destination. As the car is slipped into reverse gear the system is automatically activated, helping to guide drivers into their chosen space by warning of obstructions whether or not they can be seen by the driver.

Toyota Parking Sensors System - TPA 800

TPA 800 offers all the convenience and ease of use of the TAP 400, but with the addition of sensors in the front bumper. All sensors are activated when reverse gear is engaged, giving the vehicle all-round protection as it reverses into a space.

The driver is able to remain aware of potential obstacles both in front and behind the vehicle, such as when parking between two other vehicles. The front sensors are also activated when advancing slowly in traffic or when driving into a parking space. Different audio tones help drivers to differentiate between signals from the front and rear bumpers.